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    The BB’s Premises

    The Brasserie Bellanger is the story of an encounter between Victor & Charly. Charly wanted to launch a restaurant business, Victor had just had his diploma from Ferrandi. Perfect match as they say. Good French food, « terroir » and tradition, here’s what made them tick. Not surprising coming from two true fans of real French cuisine.

    The Brasserie’s starting point was our true desire of representing to the best of our abilities the popular French tradition whit heart-warming dishes that everybody loves.

    Seasoned from an experience with a « pop in » restaurant in Belleville, here they are ready to work on their own project !

    Then follows a trip around this great country of ours in search of the best craftsmen and food producers. With our local products, there was no way that we were gonna look elsewhere ! Kerguillet dairy farm, meat from Salers, poultry from Bourgogne, and charcuterie from the Perigord, might as well look for amazing products that are well rooted in our heritage.

    After exploring all of Paris in the hope to find the best spot possible, we found what would become the future Brasserie Bellanger, located at the 140 rue du Faubourg Poissonière. « You’re out of your mind if you’re thinking about moving in here ! »: to those we replied that our main goal was to create a place where people could meet each other, if not, what’s the point ?

    We wanted a « working class – popular » district as it were, for everything that it represents and everything that it has to offer. Having said that, we wanted to make the « BB » looked sexy, and thaht’s why we partnered up with B3 Designer, well renowned Londoners architects.

    Then it was time to recruit ! We went to all the bests schools, Ferrandi, Vatel, EPMT and then some. For us, our team was the most important thing ! Before finding prodigies, we wanted to recruit girls and guys that were shining, motivated and good willing with flair, and from all horizons.

    Our Chef Thibault is a prime example of just that, it was an absolute professional meet cute 3 weeks before the grand opening. The fact that he is still with us to this day, is the proof that we did the right thing.

    April, 28th 2019, Brasserie Bellanger’s opening. 3 difficult opening months, with more than 300 clients per day. 20 000 dishes to prepare. 4174 sausages and mash and 2866 Paris-Brest. 9 months later, we won our « Assiette Michelin » that we still have for the second year in a row. And we don’t intend to stop on such a roll !

    Mamie Bellanger

    The starting point of our menu was the cooking book of Charly’s great-great-aunt. This notebook, found by chance in his grand mother’s attic is, in itself, part of the French cuisine’s heritage. There was something mystical with this notebook which was passed on from generations to generations.

    The story of this lady that no one really knew but who managed to pass on her culinary skills a 100 years later. The secrets of the one true Boeuf Bourguignon, the beautiful story of the « sole meunière », the timeless Parisian « croque monsieur » and many more traditional French recipes.

    And those are precisely what makes the Brasserie Bellanger what it is. Kind of an homage to this grand time of the Parisian Brasseries in the beginning of the century, where everybody used to meet around great food that didn’t cost more than 15 euros.


    Envie de parler saucisse purée ?

    Brasserie Bellanger

    140 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris
    09 54 00 99 65
    Du lundi au dimanche de 9h à 00h

    Brasserie Dubillot

    222 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris
    01 88 61 51 24
    Du lundi au dimanche de 9h à 00h

    Brasserie Martin

    24 rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris
    01 48 05 34 36
    Du lundi au dimanche de 8h30 à 00h