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    Brasserie Martin

    Here we moor, but not without reason, our third brasserie in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The district competes with places, each one more flirty than the other, a godsend for the area’s foodies. Flanked at one of the four corners of Square Gardette, it can be guessed from rue Saint-Maur. And for good reason, the storefront is sensational: two-tone blind, stained glass window with the effigy of the roast chicken, burning neon and prolific vegetation.

    Brasserie Martin is an imposing neighborhood harbor with the same vocation as its elders: fervently defending the French way of life.

    As a bonus, a double terrace with a hundred seats exposed to full sun from morning to evening. Galvanizing.


    On the plate, always the same lines: fresh, French and seasonal, picked directly from the producer as much as possible, all entirely homemade and at a low price.

    We swapped our charcoal oven for a giga roasting pan whose 4 spits run at full speed from dust till dawn. On the menu, therefore, many well-raised and skilfully sourced meats – Bourbonnais lamb, Salers beef, free-range poultry, and so on. — basking in it all day. Not to mention the sanctified spit-roasted chicken that can be swallowed alone or with others both on weekends and during the week. A well-meat slate but not only: we are careful to make room for alternative routes so that those who want to enjoy it with a full veggie meal have the possibility.

    The chestnut trees from our breweries are obviously part of the game, except that the mashed sausage is remastered here. We can now boast of displaying a sausage stamped Nouvelle Garde that we make in our big lab in the basement.

    We are also always looking for cooks to complete our charming brigade. So if you want to join the band, even along the way.

    a Brasserie

    Martin is an ode to our lifelong friend, Alban Martin. At home, life was told around the table and in community, like a youth hostel. So in spirit, that’s what Brasserie Martin is, a clicky neighborhood bar with large tables that plays with clichés.


    Envie de parler saucisse purée ?

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