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    For the new golden age of the traditional french brasserie


    La « Nouvelle Garde » is a group of young Frenchmen and women who frenetically defend the French way of life one traditional Brasserie at a time. Brasseries where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life and where everyone is free to be what they are, just like our food.

    Needless to say that we would’ve been first in line to eat in one of those iconic Parisian brasseries during the « Années Folles ».

    So, to have our own taste of this frenzy, we gave ourselves one goal, to make the brasserie go back to its former glory, with our own restaurants, vibrants institutions where the Parisian life would come day and night.

    En coulisse, Ulysse

    We owe our inspiration to our rich heritage old of 200 years and passed on by our elders and a few historical figures. And we intend preserve it ! Our own elders are Mamie Bellanger and Papi Dubillot to start. And the other members of our big family who are gonna come to light throughout our future restaurants.

    Make french food great again

    Accessible goodness and quality or bust ! Being at Bellanger or at Dubillot,
    you’re gonna have more meat than you can eat, game to share and French food coming at you from all sides !
    Fresh , homemade and seasonal, ALWAYS. We dont balk out on quality, NEVER.

    And with our pastry chef leading the charge you’re gonna be amazed from beginning to end.
    Every classics of the French cuisine are gonna be there to meet you, with different menus in each of our brasseries.
    You’re gonna LOVE IT !


    Eating amazing things in amazing places, that’s what we’re all about !
    And that’s why we put our trust in the well renowned B3 Designers for our interior design.
    Our restaurants are a place where the old Paris meets the « art nouveau »,
    the contemporary style that we love, full of panache and class.

    Envie de parler saucisse purée ?

    Brasserie Bellanger

    140 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris
    09 54 00 99 65
    Du lundi au dimanche de 9h à 00h

    Brasserie Dubillot

    222 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris
    01 88 61 51 24
    Du lundi au dimanche de 9h à 00h

    Brasserie Martin

    24 rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris
    01 48 05 34 36
    Du lundi au dimanche de 8h30 à 00h